• S12 Allroad

AquaStar WT

Water treatment by means of flocculation - versatile and powerful

The AquaStar WT is a multifunctional sewer cleaning vehicle, which contains additionally an innovative clear water treatment. The vehicle is based on the proven AquaStar concept and can be used as a conventional recycler, as a fresh water combi with a large water reservoir or as a chemical treatment unit.

The clear water is provided by flocculant and is pre-filtered by the proven ROTOMAX recycling system. This reduces the transfer with flocculants sludge to a minimum. Thus, the majority of the material can be regularly emptied at the disposal.

Working process

  • Sucking into the sludge chamber
  • Pre-filtration with ROTOMAX
  • Cyclonic separation
  • Addition of the flocculant
  • Sludge settling
  • Levy of clean water
  • Automatic water quality analysis
  • Clear water return

The enhanced KAISERtronic control with demand-oriented speed control the diesel engine speed of the truck chassis is automatically adjusted to the selected jetting and suction performance. This simplifies handling and reduces fuel consumption significantly. About a touchscreen on the control panel and a display on the remote control all relevant operating states are visualized.


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