Revolutionary water treatment

The innovative KAISER vacuum distillation process provides a high-quality treatment of liquid wastes. The special tank design allows the storage of distilled water and thickened sludge directly on the vehicle. In addition this allows the preparation and the transport and thus the final disposal of the waste. 

The method of continuous vacuum distillation has proven itself in industrial water treatment, in particular when a high water quality is required. Because of the low evaporation temperature under vacuum, less heat energy is needed for the distillation process.

Working process

  • Sucking into the sludge chamber
  • Pre-filtration with ROTOMAX
  • Feeding into the evaporation cycle
  • Heating the slurry under vacuum
  • Evaporation and condensation
  • Automatic analysis of water quality
  • Intermediate storage of distilled pure water for further use
  • Return of the thickened sludge into the sludge chamber

Due to the considerable size of the installation, the method has only been applied stationary until now. Due to an innovative and consistent development, KAISER was able to increase the power density of the process considerably, so that the structure can be implemented in a mobile vacuum truck. 


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