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Yli 600 työntekijää, jotka keskittyvät suorituskykyyn, pätevyyteen ja monivuotiseen sitoutumiseen yrityksen toimintaan. Tänä päivänä KAISER on perheyritys, joka on selvästi sitoutunut asiakasläheisyyteen ja innovaatioon. Markus Kaiser johtaa yritystä nyt kolmannessa polvessa. Selkeä omistajarakenne koko yritysryhmässä takaa kestävän ja strategisen kehityksen. Luotettavuus ja todeksi eletty sosiaalinen vastuu muodostavat yrityksen tärkeät periaatteet.

  • Alex
    Work, which brings fun

    What I like about my job is first and foremost the product itself. Each vehicle is virtually unique, so the work never gets monotonous. You can also incorporate your own ideas. Nobody tells you how you should do something. You have to end up with the right result. When the customer has a big smile on his face after inspecting the basic construction, that gives me a boost.

    Alex, Production Sewer Cleaning Vehicles/Basic Construction, at Kaiser since 2004

  • Jonas
    Wide variety

    I deal with steel construction, with electrics, with the parts list, sometimes I have to write an operating manual. It’s the range of things I do that makes my job so exciting. Every day is different. And then when special projects come along, a new enquiry, a new calculation, that simply makes it all the more enjoyable.

    Jonas, Excavator Development, at KAISER since 2010

  • Marco

    11 years ago, I did an apprenticeship as construction machine mechanic and now I work in the Costing Department. I really enjoyed my training and I also enjoy the job I have now. It’s varied and interesting, and what’s important, I can contribute.

    Marco, Head of Costing, at KAISER since 2002

  • Nico
    Take an active part right from the start

    My job’s great because you get to work up close with the products. When I go out into the workshop I have the vehicles right before my eyes. Compared to other firms where as an apprentice you start off doing exercises, here at Kaiser you’re fully involved right from the beginning. I really like that.

    Nico, Apprentice 2011-2015, Design Department

  • Roland
    Personal corporate culture

    What’s typical about Kaiser is that one day is never like another. There’s always something new. The technology develops and we’re always at the forefront. My job is unique: offi ce, production, being able to drive the excavators myself. The variety makes it so interesting. But I also like the personal relationships here in the company. From bottom to top and right up to the CEO, you’re a part of it all.

    Roland, Team Leader Excavator Production, at KAISER since 1987

Vocational Training

Are you keen to do an apprenticeship with a company that is on track to a great future? We give young people the opportunity to enter the world of work with an innovative employer and ideal prospects.

Apprenticeships at KAISER

  • Construction machine mechanic
  • Vehicle mechanic
  • Industrial painter
  • Logistics administrator
  • Design technician
  • Business administrator


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