Performance counts.

We're not content with being "runner-up". Our aim is to be the clear number one in the sectors in which we operate. We differentiate ourselves by means of innovative products and services, a strong market presence and by building and nurturing successful customer relationships and competent partnerships. We are convinced that an in-depth understanding of the applications is decisive for creating added value for the various customer segments.

This "self-concept" is also lived when we participate in sports such as the Porsche Sports Cup Germany. Particularly when taking part in a one-make race with identical cars, success depends on the outstanding skills of the driver and his team. Performance counts!

Porsche Sports Cup Germany

2017 Super Sports Cup Sprint: 7 first places, 2 second places and 2 third places for Matthias Kaiser in 12 races in the main class of a Porsche 991 cup. Matthias showed a superior and constant performance during the whole season 2017 and reached a repetition of the championship victory.

2017 Endurance Series: 5 first places and 5 second places together with driving colleague Felix Wimmer. 11 podium places in 12 races in total. This means winning the championship with a clear lead.

Matthias Kaiser is the overall winner of the championship 2017 and he wins with this both titles the „superchampion“ award in the German Porsche Sports Cup. 


2016 Super Sports Cup Sprint: 8 first places, 4 second places for Matthias Kaiser in 12 races. Again, in a Porsche 991 Cup.

Matthias Kaiser is therefore overall winner of the 2016 championship and the title across all classes in the German Porsche Sports Cup.

2015 Endurance Series: 6 wins and another 4 podium places for Matthias Kaiser in the main class of a Porsche 991 Cup, giving him victory in the championship table..

Safe and precise manoeuvring when pushing machines to their limits

This is particularly important for the drivers of our mobile walking excavators.  With over 50 joystick functions to control – often while working in extremely difficult terrain –   the complexity of handling these machines is comparable to flying a helicopter and consequently calls for talent and great experience on the part of the driver. That is why mobile walking excavator drivers are seen as the "specialists" in the field of construction machines.