S2 (emission stage EU IIIA)


Top performance for a broad range of flexible applications

The S2 is the ideal all-round machine for a wide variety of deployments in the toughest of terrain. Whether used for work on steep slopes, in river beds or in treacherous marshlands, the S2 ensures you are equipped to meet every challenge. The hydraulically adjustable legs offer maximum standing area. The front wheels can be quickly removed for stable working in extreme terrain.


  • Very high lifting capacity and slew force
  • Fast and precise hydraulics
  • Superior stability
  • Sturdy steel construction

S2 4x4

Exceptional climbing ability with maximum mobility

The special design of the S2 4x4 makes it ideal for working in difficult terrain where maximum mobility is also required. 

While the small front drive wheels provide enhanced climbing ability, the hydraulically adjustable terrain pads ensure maximum stability in all situations. 


  • Maximum mobility in impassable terrain
  • Permanent all-wheel drive
  • Dual steering: wheel and leg steering
  • Wide pad adjustment range for adaptation to variable terrain
  • Compact size for easy transportation


Multifunctional carrier

The four large steerable driving wheels are ideal for working above trenches or ditches, on the side of slopes or in forests.

All wheels are steerable over the entire leg adjustment for exceptional mobility. The hydraulic pads can be lowered for optimal stability.


  • All-wheel double-pivot steering for maximum maneuverability without compromising stability
  • Triple steering: Leg and wheel steering front and rear
  • Permanent all-wheel drive makes it possible to drive and steer when the excavator’s legs are set in spread position
  • Low ground pressure due to four large tires
  • Ideal center of gravity ensures optimal stability when using powerful attachments


Specialist for applications in wet and marshy terrain

The special steering of the front-drive wheels permits a wide range of applications in marshy terrain and in deeper water. The specifically engineered shape of the legs ensures very low driving resistance. The machine can be raised extremely high for greater wading depths.


  • Low driving resistance when driving in mud
  • Triple steering mode: Leg and wheel steering at front and rear
  • Low ground pressure
  • Permanent all-wheel drive makes it possible to drive and steer when the excavator’s legs are set in spread position
  • Maximum stability even on soft ground 

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