Our new website

KAISER AG has established a strong position in international markets as a leading manufacturer of mobile walking excavators and vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal. Customers will now get a strong sense of our international reach when visiting our new website.

We believe in placing the emphasis on the benefits of customers and have therefore designed our new website to be as customer-oriented as possible as well as incorporating a regional focus. Our ongoing internationalisation and the members of the KAISER Group, KAISER MORO and KAISER EUR-MARK, are major features in the new online presentation of our company.

In addition, we want to give a clear signal with our brand strategy – the KAISER Group is a company with a clear commitment on my part as owner and CEO to customer focus and innovation.

Discover the latest news and interesting facts from the world of KAISER. Take a look at our comprehensive product portfolio or visit our constantly updated vehicle market. A browse through our web shop will also be worth your while.

It goes without saying that we also look forward to hearing what you think about our new web offering.

Enjoy your visit to www.kaiser.li


With best regards

Markus Kaiser